Vphone S8

Vphone s8 – world’s smallest touch smartphone has arrived

The Smartphone industry is always aiming for something big and best. I mean in all aspects like bigger displays, bigger storage. Everything is okay but when using a smartphone i.e. bigger than you hand that’s where the problem is? Introducing the all new touch smartphone Vphone S8 which is the ever smallest touch smartphone in […]

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Open rar files on mac

How to open rar files on mac without downloading software

Looking for a way to open .Rar or .Zip files on your Mac? Here is the way to open rar files on mac.  A .Rar file is a type of archive file that compresses the larger files into smaller ones. It helps to reduce the size of the files stored on your Mac. Rar files […]

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take screenshots on iphone 6

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6 Plus and iPad

You may wonder how to take screenshots on iPhone 6/6s/5/5s/4s and how to find its shortcuts? Wait! Haven’t you know any shortcuts to take screenshots on iPhone 6 plus/iPad, then take a look at my guide to take screenshots on iPhone 6. It is a quite simple job to do with your iPhone. Just grab […]

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permanently delete apps on iphone

How to Permanently Delete Apps on iPhone and iTunes Purchased

Most of the iPhone users like us consider downloading trending apps on their devices. Most probably, we don’t bother about the file size and drawbacks of that downloaded apps. We have no idea how it could affect us in the background. I have faced a lot of problem due to some unauthorised apps on my iPhone. I […]

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track your lost iphone

How to Track your Lost iPhone or iPad without a Tracking App

How long are you searching for your lost iPhone or iPad without a tracking app? Haven’t you used any app to track your lost iPhone or iPad? If not, then I recommend “Find my iPhone ” app. Find my iPhone is one of the most familiar apps for people to track their lost iPhone or […]

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screen brightness on ipad

How to Adjust Screen Brightness on iPad/iPhone Screen

Your iPad/iPhone has a default brightness settings on your purchase. Some of you don’t care about this stuff but for a few, it may troubles. In that instance, change your default screen brightness on your iPad/iPhone. You can even set your brightness level from low to high nor enable auto-brightness settings on your iPad 2. […]

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iphone notification sound

How to Change iPhone Notification Sound Settings

The tech giant “Apple” seems to have an annoying default notification sound from their products. The production quality and the feature of iPhone are highly remarkable but not with their primary notification sound. Some of us don’t prefer to choose default sound from the iPhone. The iPhone/iPad seems to have a unique sound effect compare to […]

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volume control on ipad 2

How to Manage Volume Control on iPad 2/iPhone Not Working

Learn how to manage your iPad 2 sound using volume button nor manually change your general settings to reduce your iPad sound effect. Adjust your ringtone and system sound on your iPad 2/iPhone by turning ON/OFF. On general settings, you can swipe left to lower your sound and swipe right to increase it. You can […]

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bookmarks on ipad

How to Create, Change, Modify and Delete your Bookmarks on your iPad Air and iPhone

Well, You guys surfed the internet to watch many articles and videos online related to education, entertainment, nature, technology and much more. If you loved to monitor them later, you could bookmark your page for later engagement. This bookmarking feature enables a user to bookmark all kind of files to their browser. After which, you […]

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